rainy days again

i think we only had one true afternoon of fall before the rain started. bummer. i picked up my fillet brazed mountainbike frame and fork yesterday from class act powder coaters and it looks great. all chromy silver. spent all afternoon building it up and then rode it around a bit this evening in the rain. looking forward to some pre work rides in forest park. still waiting to get a couple frames back from the painters for cyclo cross season which is just a week away now. Matt Hall got his skinsuit in the mail yesterday and it is very pro style. looking forward to matt’s season even though he claims to be out of shape. we all know he’s fast. 18 lb. cross machine


2 Responses to “rainy days again”

  1. matt hall Says:

    that’s a sweet bike……welcome to the digital age.

  2. gpickle Says:

    How typical that a hot shot framebuilder like yourself would post a picture of a bicycle and not have the human decency to put a helmet in the shot. HAVE YOU NO SHAME!?!?!?!?!

    My singlespeed townie tonight will be filled with rage

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