sellin’ out or buyin’ in

So i got hooked up with this photographer who was looking for a "hardcore" messenger type to model a messenger bag and get paid a grip of cash. i said yes and spent all afternoon riding around in circles in the rain while he snapped pics. shitty weather but the easiest money i have seen in a long time. i figure i can turn around and buy three tubesets with the money. verdict, i'm buying in and not seeling out. 


2 Responses to “sellin’ out or buyin’ in”

  1. gpickle Says:

    Don’t forget to send my piece of the pie or you WILL be hearing from my lawyer fashion boy.

  2. cootie twoshoes Says:

    You can’t tell a story like that without following through with some evidence. Where are the photos, Mr. Ryan? Your fans await.

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